I like Jon Tron’s work.   He introduces the ch…

I like Jon Tron’s work.   He introduces the charms and sexuality of Asian women to the world.  Although it’s a demoralizing way for us Asian girls.

Asian women generally do not like porn.
But they like to be filmed doing porn with and for white men.
Actually they do not know about race porn.
The Thai and Filipino slam sluts do not even know that this kind of porn exists.

They are so naive that they think they are becoming some kind of “respected stars” when some white pornmaker films them being fucked.
Guys like Jon Tron (”Asian Sex Diary”) can easily persuade Filipino and Thai girls to take off their clothes and open their pussies for him.
Poverty, ignorance, ethnic curiosity and a lot of sexual hunger is what drives those girls.

I myself have already received proposals to make dirty racial(ist) porn videos to an American pornsite.
But I belong to the middle class in Bangkok.
If I appeared in a racially exploited porn video, I could never work in any respectable profession in my country. And I would shame and disgrace my family.
From a respected graduate nurse, I would become sexual garbage for the eyes of my own people.

Believe it or not, there is a strong moralism in Thai society – at least in the middle class.
And this makes it even more desirable and tempting for many SE Asian girls to have sex with white foreigners – even in conditions of submission and inferiority.

If you understand it, you have begun to understand the psychology of that girls who are so easily fucked by whites, here in Southeast Asia.  And why they’re so.