This photo is spectacular. Shows the exact mom…

This photo is spectacular.
Shows the exact moment of a male orgasm.    The semen being expelled in jet form, on the face of a woman who also enjoys the moment.

It’s magic!
I would like to see the man’s face.  Too bad the spermatozoa of this magical drop will never become babies, it’s a shame.
By the color and shape of the cock, I would say that this semen comes from a Latin stallion.

Are Latinos considered white men? No matter, they are hot and yummy anyway. 

The shameless bimbo who is enjoying that fresh milk is probably Japanese.
By the shape of the face, I can deduce that she is a non-aristocratic type Japanese woman of thirty years old, or more.

“Non-aristocratic type Japanese”??

Yes, there are several physical types among Asians, and even among the Japanese there are different types. 

Marica Hase,
for example, belongs to the “Japanese aristocratic type”:    She has oval face, delicate features, thin nose, thin chin and a high forehead. 

The slut in this photo belongs to the least sophisticated type of Japanese, with a circular face, thick nose and low forehead.
Nevertheless, her cunt should be top-notch. As well as this Latin type dong

Yes, Asians and Latinos are hot!

And never, never say that Asians are all the same!
This is a racist blindness and stupidity.