Then from the beginning! haha. What is your or…

Then from the beginning! haha. What is your origin story behind becoming an asian white cocks lover?

Well, Thailand was never colonized by Europeans but in return, there was strong cultural colonialism after WW2.  Movies, TV shows, music, everything about culture was originated from USA or Europe.
Our society was not ready for that.
This generated a sexual colonialism in which white men were seen as more attractive and fascinating.
Our girls are not culturally prepared to deal with it.
On the one hand, our society is moralistic, paternalistic and archaic. But on the other hand, Thailand has always had a liberal attitude towards sex.
This, combined with economic and educational poverty, has created the situation we see today.
This is how my country became a “sexual colony” of Western men.
And it is in this context that I started in the world of “palm heart cult” as it’s called here.  

When I was a teenager, I worshiped actors like Brad Pitt.
For me, at that time, almost all white men remembered Brad Pitt.
It was with this ingenuity and vulnerability that I got in touch with white guys, tourists and students.

The result was expected.
I started on sex with Australian students, who were not moderate in taking advantage of my naivety.
My first boyfriend “rented” me to his friends.
And so, at age 17, I had more sexual experience than the previous 20 generations of women in my family.
And I got addicted to Caucasian cocks.
I even thought about becoming a prostitute. I was envious of prostitutes who could fuck dozens of white men without fear of family or society.
Fortunately, at certain point, I began to mature and came to see the white men with some mistrust.  And I decided to study. Continuing to have lots of sex meanwhile. I’m a graduate of nursing today.

(To be continued, if you want…)