Do you like older white guys baby?

Do you like older white guys baby?

If you are intelligent, non-racist and handsome, I could love you without prejudice even if you’re old.
But I intend to have children, so the man who will marry me needs to be a good breeder, capable of producing at least three healthy children.
And of course, he must have the financial means to properly support a reasonable number of children – and a hot wife.
He must have the physical strength to protect me and my children.
And of course, he should have a beautiful, hot and permanently hard pink cock, capable of fuck me intensely.

I want pleasure, children and a comfortable life.
If a man gives me all this, it doesn’t matter that he is older.

I am a sex machine to give pleasure and love.
Nowadays, there are pills to help if there is a need.

Anyway, Thai women like me are able to restore the sexual power of any man, regardless of age. 
No problem.  With me, even a 99-year-old man can enjoy sex and cum like a horse.

As long as I’m totally motivated for it.